Running Into the Side of a Mountain

by Peter Alan DeLorenzo

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released 07 May 2013

Produced by Peter Alan DeLorenzo and Ed Rawls
Engineered and mixed by Ed Rawls at The Living Room, Atlanta GA, USA
Additional engineering by Justin McNeight

All songs written and performed by Peter Alan DeLorenzo (BMI)



all rights reserved


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Peter Alan DeLorenzo Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Running Into the Side of a Mountain
With a red light in front of me
And with Shiva's fire before me
Holding on
Near a place we left torn and dyed with blood
A warm feeling of a dream
A boring pulse ending it out of a scene
Rolling on
A wheel of faith faster than my mind can take

Hollow reed running deep play it out of me
Figure eights underneath play it out here with me
Just a brush
Can't explain we've had all this time too much

Ain't gonna wait around for you
Ain't gonna wait for some magic moment
To pop out of the sky
Hang all our problems out to dry

Dare to stand alone
There is no perfect song
Only the ones that we give birth to
And the ones that are played for you

Walking outside the door
Open up to the faceless wonder and volatile One
The One!

With a red light in front of me
And with Shiva's fire before me...
Track Name: He is the One
Talking out to the night
As he ponders the cause
A dawning comes to the mind
Where the power is stored

To win the Mother's grace
And the Father's pride
Keep stepping on speech
That will pave the new road we need
It's waiting for you to light

In all that heals
Is all that dies
To what has sting in scalding words
Close to me you are

Let go of all I think I know
Let go
Got to let go of all i thought I'd known
Let go

As children watch the flame
Under the muses call
Who will shoulder the blame
For the painful fascade
Of my selfish life
Under pretty skies
While the millions don't eat
Blind markets are told to be
The answer to want and plight

A market's greed
Commercial drive
A threat to peace and starving worlds
Close to the Lord

He is the One who loves you
He is the One
Track Name: The Race
All love is gone when the race is on
To get what through the years was prized in an old mocking of
What takes a man to the gates with alms

Still using words and fears that spin inside a mystery to all
Above a standing I can hear Their call
Trying to bait the weakness, evil prods and provokes
We shake and sigh for a little more time
But time betrays the tears of those who wait for our rise

When the race is on
All our love is gone
When that race comes undone
His shield will protect me from harm

Marred in rust
Burnt to dust
Marred in rust
Burnt to dust!
Track Name: Start Somewhere
I cant trust this anymore
Seal my faith from all we long for
Thoughts I can't touch come rearranged
Passing off as new all the same

My heart lives to press on
My fear makes hard its run
To start somewhere at all

Sister, In violence our love's betrayed
Brother, inside us the change is made
Who will repent from the wars we have made

How can we ourselves call
Men who walk in love
When our hands are stained with blood

We gotta start somewhere or die wrong
We gotta start somewhere or fall

The peoples remain
Imploring us to renounce our ways
And start somewhere
Track Name: Transmission
The 8th of September of '45
A faded lady still afraid to die
Left a message on 7 inch vinyl

Can't remember what New Orleans said
Something about the thickness of the air
And spending time shaking off blank stares

Let me feed your satellite
With my satellite

Jesus we don't know who we are
They need the money, they use it for war
But sharing and justice bring peace to the world

Let me feed your satellite
With my satellite
With my satellite (my Master said)
With my satellite

She's been struck blind by an answered prayer
Blood slides through her nose so it can kiss the air
Wants to leave 'cause her body can't find room to spare

The cracks on the street whistle while they dare
Late in a backroom a radio blares
In between static from a wire she hears

"Let me feed your satellite
with light, my satellite, my love"
Let me feed your satellite
with my satellite
Come and feed my satellite
With light...
Track Name: Beautiful Ways
Show me what I've been waiting for
Show yourself what it means to work as a child
Solitary strength
Is ready to be used
As a foundation for your rocket to fly
Beyond belief

Your ways
Come and show us your beautiful ways
Come and show us you're beautiful

I hold you in my arms
I sing the song that is you...
Track Name: Together (outro)
Only you can save the world
But you can't save the world by yourself
Or leave it up to somebody else